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Build24 represents the Ultimate 
Real Estate Collaboration and Community.


We believe that wherever you are, a New Agent or a Seasoned Agent, These Events will empower you to be the very best Real Estate Agent and Person Possible!  More than that, in a time where Fear is doled out like candy, you MUST double down on Personal Development and Sales Skills.

This is not the time to Shrink Back…it is the Time to Build!!

Our Purpose is to come together and be Inspired, Trained and FULLY ALIVE to BUILD our Real Estate Business and our Lives!


We are laser focused on making 
you a better Realtor by providing the 
ABSOLUTE BEST TRAINING for your Business so you can Thrive in 24 and beyond!!!


Here's what to EXPECT:


You will sell more real estate
Meet and get to know industry superstars
Develop your own leadership skills
Step by step plan on How to Build the Ultimate Sales Organization leaving a Legacy for you and your Family!!

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